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No Fee Apartments

no fee apartments for rent

No-fee apartments are available across the Manhattan area and we are able to help you find the ones that do not charge extra fees for necessary services or items that are usually associated with moving in cleaning, and real estate fees. All of our nephew apartments are equally as stunning and desirable as those with fees, but the price of no extra fees means that you're not stuck deciding whether or not the apartment is worth it because of all the extra fees.

No Broker Fees

Since we can offer no-fee apartments, this also means that we are not obliged to charge a broker fee. The broker fees are usually added to the end of the sale price so that the individual negotiating the rental costs and the final sale can receive a small commission of the total price. We do not charge those for transparency purposes and believe in remaining open and honest about our home selling and apartment renting process.

Move-in Fees

Many apartments will often charge a move-in fee but we can assist you in finding the perfect department that does not. There are many apartments in the Manhattan area that do not charge a move-in fee because they are eager to have tenants fill the space and begin paying rent as soon as possible. Many renters are often required to pay a move-in fee on top of the deposit and first month’s rent but we believe in helping clients find apartments where this is not necessary.

Move out Fees

Tenants are also often charged move-out fees that relate to final paperwork and walk-through as well as any damages that have incurred over the course of the tenancy period. We can help you find an apartment that does not require a move-out fee as well as a move-in fee so that you were not stuck paying extra fees that are unfair or would otherwise prevent you from moving in or moving out of the apartment efficiently. Many properties will waive these fees so that they can get tenants to move in quicker and to handover, the property quicker to a newer tenant if moving out.

Cleaning Fees

A lot of properties also charge cleaning fees when tenants move in and when they move out. We do not believe these fees are appropriate unless a property has been severely damaged by the current tenant. If you were looking for a no-fee apartment, we can help you find one where fees are not required and you simply pay a deposit and your first month’s rent. In many no-fee apartments, you may notice that the deposit for the rent is slightly more expensive to make up for the fact that there are no fees, but the good news is that if you have no damages to the apartment then you eventually get this money back when you move out. If it were a standard and separate fee, you would usually not get this money back.

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